Nagoya University and Toyota Mobility Fund (Chairman Akio Toyoda, Tokyo) of Toyota Motor Corporation have signed a joint research agreement to provide new means of transportation for elderly people living in depopulated areas.We are planning to share a carpool with taxis and private cars, and introduce self-driving cars, and will start a demonstration experiment in Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture.

 According to Toyota Motor Corporation, the contract period is three years, research expenses of 3 million yen are supported by the Toyota Mobility Fund, various means of transportation, health monitoring with motion sensors, and ultra-compact mobility suitable for mountainous areas ( Note) and so on.The University of Tokyo, Toyota City, Asuke Hospital, etc. will join the cooperating organizations to support joint research.

 In the Asuke district of Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture, where the experiment is conducted, nearly half of the population of about 8,000 is elderly, but there are places where only the community bus, which operates once a week, has public transportation.Nagoya University has developed a system that allows residents to arrange carpooling for their own cars using smartphones and tablets, and has been conducting trial operations for about 1 households since January.During the joint research period, while increasing the number of subjects to around 1 households, residents will be living in an aging area with a view to utilizing shared taxis, switching from one- or two-seater electric vehicles to buses, and introducing self-driving cars. Explore a new model of public transport that will be the foothold of.

 Akio Toyoda, President of Toyota Motor Corporation, said, "We want elderly people in the mountainous areas to feel the joy of moving freely, and we want to use this model to revitalize the mountainous areas." ..

(Note) Mobility An English word that means mobility and ease of movement, and is often used to mean thinking about transportation with humans as the leading role.

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