Kanazawa Institute of Technology (Nonoichi City, Ishikawa Prefecture) announced that it will start a new educational initiative that will enable innovation to be created for the global society from FY2016. We will practice "integrated education that transcends generations, fields, and cultures" and build a curriculum that suits each of the 7,000 current students.By doing so, we will transform into an "active and open dream studio campus" that fosters human resources who can play an active role on the world stage, where students will engage in intellectual creation activities to realize their dreams and visions.

 Regarding "integrated education that transcends generations," in addition to individual laboratories, seven consistent clusters from undergraduate and graduate schools centered on "project design education" (problem-finding / solving-type education), which is the main pillar of the curriculum. Establish a laboratory and work together to tackle various social issues.The aim of the cluster is to have corporate engineers and local people participate, and to improve communication skills and innovation creation skills by allowing students to interact with many people across generations.

 In "integrated education that transcends fields," it is said that it will strengthen specialized fields in different fields and integrated fields of basic research and product development research, and build a school culture and system that can continuously create innovation.In addition, the "e-syllabus", which clearly shows the relationship between all 702 lessons and multidisciplinary extracurricular project activities (128 types), will be fully operational from FY2016.Introduce a system where each student can learn with a curriculum that suits them through a wide variety of combinations of lessons and extracurricular projects.Regarding the knowledge and skills that form the basis of innovation creation, the university's unique active learning of "students teaching each other" will be introduced in all subjects from 2016, and will be firmly established.

 Regarding “integrated education that transcends culture,” some specialized basic courses and project design courses will be conducted in English from FY2016.Then, four years later, in 4, about 2020% of all lessons will be managed with English as the axis.In addition to promoting lesson development for joint degree with the partner school Rochester Institute of Technology (USA), we are also promoting overseas export of "project design education".As a result, we have transformed from "globalization" that goes abroad to "new era Yumekobo campus" where many students from all over the world gather at the university in search of "value through joint and co-creation". We will build an education and research system that deepens understanding of different cultures and cultivates the ability to collaborate.

Kanazawa Institute of Technology

Fostering global human resources with the "innovation power" to create things that are useful to people and society

Kanazawa Institute of Technology has 4 departments in 12 faculties: Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Information Frontier, Faculty of Architecture, and Faculty of Biotechnology and Chemistry, and realizes a wide range of learning fields in collaboration with faculties, graduate schools, and research institutes. "Working on ambiguous problems as a team, clarifying the problems to be solved, creating solutions under constraints, […]

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