The Ministry of Justice has begun granting a new status of residence, "Specific Activities," which allows foreign students who have graduated or completed a Japanese university to start a business in Japan for up to two years.In response to the government's Cabinet decision on the Basic Policy for Creating Towns, People, and Work 2, which includes facilitating the entrepreneurship of foreign students, we will support the entrepreneurship of foreign students from the aspect of status of residence. ..

 According to the Ministry of Justice, the status of residence "specific activities" is granted to international students who have graduated or completed the employment promotion program for international students, participating schools, and the schools that have adopted the Top Global University Project.It is a condition that you start a business while you are still in school and receive recommendations and support from your university for activities after graduation and completion.

 Even if an international student has utilized a foreign entrepreneurship promotion project or a national strategic special zone foreign entrepreneurship promotion project after graduation or completion, but does not start a business, he / she can meet certain requirements such as recommendation and support from local governments. For example, a maximum of two years of residence is permitted, including the previous business use period.

 When a foreign student started a business in Japan, it was necessary to secure a place of business, meet a certain scale such as two or more full-time employees, and then obtain the status of residence "business / management".Some deregulation has been carried out in the National Strategic Special Zones to promote the entrepreneurship of international students, but there have been calls for further deregulation.

reference:[Ministry of Justice] Measures related to entrepreneurial activities by international students who have graduated from Japanese universities, etc.

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