From April 2016, 4, Yamaguchi University started a car-sharing business for students through industry-academia collaboration between UPR Co., Ltd., which develops car-sharing business, and Ube City and Yamaguchi City.This is part of the "Yamaguchi Future Creation Human Resources Development and Retention Promotion Project" selected by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology as the "Regional Revitalization Promotion Project (COC +) * by the base university of the region (knowledge)".

 Car sharing is a system that allows you to reserve and use a car by registering as a member. Compared to rental cars that can only be used during the hours of the sales office, car sharing is easier to use for a short time or early in the morning or at night. advantage.

 Yamaguchi University students often live near the campus and have a low car ownership rate.Furthermore, reflecting the recent economic situation, the ratio of owning a car is declining.Against this background, by introducing car sharing that can be used without owning a car and providing information on various facilities in the prefecture, students can expand their range of activities and activity opportunities, and students will be attracted to Yamaguchi. He wants to discover and be attached to the car, and to increase the employment rate in the local area.

 In the car-sharing business, utilizing the "RENOFA car-sharing" developed by UPR, two cars each on the Yoshida campus and the Tokiwa campus, a total of four cars, will be installed. It can be used at a special rate starting from 2 yen for a pack.

* The "Regional Revitalization Promotion Project (COC +) by the base university of the region (knowledge)" means that the university collaborates with local public organizations and companies to create attractive employment opportunities for students, and the region seeks it. A project that supports reforms in the educational curriculum that trains human resources.Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology started in 2015.

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Yamaguchi University is a comprehensive university consisting of 9 faculties and 8 graduate schools with more than 1 students. In 1815, the private school "Yamaguchi Auditorium", which was founded by the Choshu clan, Fengyang Ueda, was the source, and in 2015, it celebrated its 200th anniversary.Students, faculty, and staff work together, nurture together, and share joy together, this collaboration […]

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