Kochi University has decided to reorganize the Faculty of Science into the Faculty of Science and Engineering from 2017, and submitted an installation plan to the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.The main feature is to establish a new department of disaster prevention science and engineering, which is rare in Japan, and to train professionals.Since Kochi Prefecture is expected to be severely damaged by the Nankai Trough giant earthquake, it is likely that attention will be focused on human resource development for disaster mitigation.

 According to Kochi University, the current Faculty of Science has two departments, the Department of Science and the Department of Applied Science, but this was reorganized into the Faculty of Science and Engineering from 2, and the Department of Mathematics and Physics, Department of Information Science, Department of Biological Science, Department of Chemical Life Science and Engineering, There are 2017 departments of the Department of Global Environmental Disaster Prevention.The capacity will be 5 as it is.

 The Department of Mathematics and Physics trains human resources who are active in various science fields, the Department of Information Science trains leaders who play a central role in the advanced information society, the Department of Biological Sciences trains human resources who play an active role in environmental conservation, and the Department of Chemical Life Science and Engineering is Green & The goal is to develop leaders who will realize life innovation (Note 1), and to develop human resources who will help build a society that coexists with nature and mitigate disasters.

 Kochi Prefecture is suffering not only from the Nankai Trough giant earthquake, but also from the declining population and the stagnation of the local economy.For this reason, the idea of ​​strengthening the industrial base and making it a base for promoting the creation of a sustainable society that makes the best use of the characteristics of nature and the region is also included.

(Note 1) Green & Life Innovation A strategy that promotes lifestyle and business style reforms by developing innovative technologies in the fields of environment, resources, and energy and aiming to realize a low-carbon society, while utilizing new ideas.

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