The laboratory of Associate Professor Makoto Kim (Applied Microbiology), Department of Environmental Biology, Faculty of Applied Biology, Chubu University, conducted a trial brewing of Japanese sake made from Fuyo flowers. Announced on April 2016, 4.This time, it will be distributed on campus and will be sold under the name of "Chubu University Sake" from next year.

 Apart from basic academic research, Chubu University is promoting research that is useful for improving the university brand as an in-university research project.This trial brewing is part of the "Chubu University Wine and Sake Project" to brew sake with excellent liquor quality, with the cooperation of the Aichi Industrial Science and Technology Center Food Industry Technology Center (Nishi-ku, Nagoya City). It was conducted.

 The yeast used this time is a natural yeast with excellent brewing characteristics separated from the flowers of Fuyo.Associate Professor Kim's laboratory has been developing since 2013, and using "Gohyakumangoku" as the raw rice, a pure rice sake with a rice polishing rate of 70% and an alcohol content of 17.6% has been completed.From development to completion, five students from the Faculty of Applied Biology participated.

 In recent years, the quality of sake has improved remarkably due to the improvement of technical capabilities, but the standardization has progressed because of the demand for evaluation at appraisals, etc., and the young people's disengagement from sake has not improved.On the other hand, looking at the world, sake is steadily spreading along with Japanese food culture, and it is an era in which various liquor qualities are required according to various tastes.Kinsei Laboratory is pursuing the development of yeast that meets such demands.

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