The "genome" refers to the base sequence information of DNA, which is a design drawing of an organism, but the genetic changes that occur acquiredly due to the environment etc. are called "epigenome".Of these, it has become clear in recent years that "DNA methylation," in which a molecule called a methyl group attaches to DNA, is affected by various factors such as drinking and stress, and is associated with the onset of lifestyle-related diseases, cancer, and depression. There is.However, there has been no large-scale and comprehensive study on the state of DNA methylation and individual differences in Japanese.

 As part of the Great East Japan Earthquake reconstruction support project "Tohoku Medical Megabank Project," the research team of the Iwate Medical University Iwate Tohoku Medical Megabank Organization, which conducts large-scale health surveys mainly in the affected areas of Iwate Prefecture, has recently joined Tohoku University. In collaboration with the Tohoku Medical Megabank Organization, we succeeded in the first successful high-precision analysis of DNA methylation information on a scale of 100 people.Some data is open to the public.

 The research team attempted to analyze total DNA methylation in about 100 people who participated in the Tohoku Medical Megabank Project. Blood cells are collected separately from blood with a high purity of 98% or more, and DNA and RNA are collected from two blood cells with significantly different epigenome characteristics. As a result of analyzing the DNA genome (gene information), transcriptome (gene transcription information), and epigenome, we were able to identify 2 million DNA methylation sites and clarify differences between individuals and cells. That is.

 In addition, the organization has released a "3-layer omics (comprehensive biomolecular information) reference panel" that combines these three pieces of information on its website. By using it as a standard for DNA methylation analysis, the aim is to apply it to the identification of epigenome abnormalities in patients and epigenome changes due to the environment. By investigating the relationship between DNA methylation and diseases and the environment, it is expected to contribute to the prevention of onset and the development of therapeutic methods.

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