Rikkyo University has set up a "Prayer Room" on the Ikebukuro campus and started using it on April 2016, 4.It is assumed that international students from the Islamic world are the main users, but it is not limited to a specific religion and can be used by anyone.

 Rikkyo University, which was adopted by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology as a "Support for the Creation of a Super Global University," has set a goal of increasing the number of foreign students to 2024 by 4, which is about four times the current number. It is scheduled to accept up to about 2,000 graduate students a year.With the expansion of acceptance of international students, a "prayer room" was set up as part of the improvement of the environment.

 Tanseisha Co., Ltd., a space creation expert, cooperated in the installation. In November 2014, we launched the unit-type prayer room "Player Room WANOMA" to support Muslim travelers at airports, etc., jointly developed with the Japan Halal Business Association. start.

 The prayer room set up at Rikkyo University is also this "WANOMA".The room is a "Japanese space" with tatami mats and Kumiko fittings, and there is also a place for purification (Udu) where you can cleanse your limbs and mouth with water before worship. This is the first time in Japan that "WANOMA" has been installed in an educational institution.

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