Professor Hiroaki Maruya and Assistant Professor Tetsuya Torayashiki of the International Research Institute for Disaster Science, Tohoku University, and others went to companies, etc. due to the "2016 Kumamoto Earthquake" that occurred in Kumamoto Prefecture on April 4, 14. On April 28, 2016, we released a document that cites corporate websites and newspaper articles about the impact of the above, and divides it into "damage / impact" and "response / future outlook".

 The International Research Institute of Disaster Science, to which Professor Marutani and others belong, is a research organization newly established after the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011. We aim to promote the world's most advanced research on natural disaster science in cooperation with universities and research institutes.


 The materials released by Professor Marutani and others include information on what kind of damage the Kumamoto earthquake has caused to companies such as Toyota Motor Corporation, Aisin Seiki, and Honda Motor Co., Ltd., and which factories in other regions will be affected by the damage. In addition, information on future measures and prospects as of April 2016, 4, 18:15, excerpted from newspapers and corporate websites, is summarized.Details of the materials can be viewed on the special page of the "00 Kumamoto Earthquake" on the website of the International Research Institute of Disaster Science.

Reference: [Tohoku University] Impact of the 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake on companies, etc. (from corporate website / news reports) (PDF)

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