The eco-car "Practice" produced by Kogakuin University's solar car project and participating in Australia's world's largest solar car race will be held at the Akishima City Office on April 2016, 4 at the "Akishima Environmental Green Flower Festival". It will be unveiled at.

 This time, the solar car "Practice" created by the students of the Kogakuin University Solar Car Project will be exhibited. In 2013, he participated in the world's largest solar car race "Bridgestone World Solar Challenge" held in Australia for the first time, and ran about 3,000 km across Australia using only sunlight as a power source, and in 2014. It is a vehicle with a proven track record, such as winning the overall victory in the solar car category of "WORLD GREEN CHALLENGE" held in Akita Prefecture.

 At Kogakuin University, the "Akishima Environmental Green Flower Festival" will be held with the aim of aiming for a sustainable society and giving an opportunity to think about environmental issues. We want to contribute to raising awareness of environmental issues by making people feel closer.

 The "Akishima Environmental Green Flower Festival" will be held at Akishima City Office on Sunday, April 2016, 4.The time is from 24:10 to 00:15.

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