Kanazawa Institute of Technology (Nonoichi City, Ishikawa Prefecture) has started a class in which working people from outside the university participate in the class and actively learn with the students from 2016.In the future, it is said that such "co-creation education that transcends generations" will be actively promoted and enhanced.

 Since 2016, the university has been promoting "co-creation education through fusion across generations, fields, and cultures" as a new educational initiative aimed at creating innovation.In order to tackle various social issues, it is necessary for students to think and act on their own to solve the issues while collaborating with people of different ages, specialties, languages ​​and cultures. ..

 On the other hand, since students of the same generation, who are around 20 years old, take classes at the university, it is difficult for students to come up with various ideas and ideas even if they have discussions with each other. It is said that it is difficult to develop abilities.Therefore, the university has started a class that invites working people of all ages to participate. In the second year's elective compulsory subject, "Human and Philosophy," students discuss specific real-life issues with others with the aim of developing the critical thinking skills required of engineers in the global society. I challenged.By doing so, the aim is to have one's own thoughts, understand the thoughts of others, and think with others.

 In the class on April 2016, 4, seven members of society participated for the first time.Twenty-seven working people and 14 students formed a team of 7 to 27 people to talk about "questions about love."The content is based on the conversation between two friends posted in the text, "Why do people fall in love at first sight?", "Can you love people just by looking?", "What is true love in the first place?" ”, Etc., practice discussion for about 4 minutes.After that, I will introduce Plato's idea that "love is rational" and Montagne's idea that "love is irrational" based on the text, and my thoughts on this question. The lecture is over by presenting the tasks to summarize.

 The students and members of society who participated said, "The 90-minute class was not enough." "I was able to come into contact with various ideas from people of different ages and enjoyed it with interest." : Philosophy / Ethics) says, "In this class, I hope that students and working people will have the experience of interacting with each other as co-scholars, touching various ideas, accepting differences in opinions, and thinking together. I am. "

 In the "Human and Philosophy" class, we will continue to set themes such as "art", "health and beauty", "lie", "reality", "discrimination", "animal rights", "environment", "government", and "meaning of living". Working people are called "co-learners" and they plan to hold discussions together.

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