Waseda University and the Student Volunteer Center of the Japan Foundation have summarized precautions and necessary preparations for students who are going to participate in the 28 Kumamoto Earthquake volunteers.Both of them disseminate information through their homepage and encourage students to consider the victims and prepare necessary equipment.

 Waseda University has summarized the points to be noted as 10 points of knowledge for student disaster support volunteers.According to the report, since it is the responsibility of oneself to ensure the safety of the disaster site, he is demanding that he do not work hard without sleep and act with a reliable person.

 In order to be considerate of the victims, they first listen to the victims with sympathy and encourage them not to give words of encouragement.If tears couldn't stop in a miserable scene, he needed to decide to leave or return home.It also demands that it not undertake things that cannot be irresponsible and that it does not overly please local children.

 The Japan Foundation Student Volunteer Center is calling for volunteer insurance and necessary equipment to be prepared before volunteering.Necessary equipment includes work-friendly clothing, boots with safety plates to protect your feet, dust-proof dust masks and goggles, thick and long rubber gloves, rain gear, and a helmet.

reference:[Waseda University] To all students who are considering volunteer activities for the Kumamoto earthquakes

[Japan Foundation Student Volunteer Center] Preparation for volunteer activities

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