Waseda University and TEPCO Power Grid (President Toshiro Takebe, Tokyo) have begun a demonstration experiment to minimize the amount of power lost during distribution. Continue until March 2020.This is the first time in Japan that a demonstration experiment will be conducted using an actual power grid to realize a smart grid.Since the loss during power transmission and distribution has become a global issue, the results of the experiment are likely to attract attention.

 According to Waseda University, the experiment was jointly developed by both parties to develop a distribution network configuration optimization system that can be applied to actual distribution systems and minimize losses.The measured power information of the automatic switch is collected through the distribution control system, and this data is used to derive a distribution network configuration that can minimize the power loss during distribution.After that, the distribution network configuration of each switch is switched, and the amount of power distribution loss power reduction before and after the switching is evaluated.

 Waseda University will utilize the method of minimizing distribution loss power, measure the current and voltage of the switch that turns on and off the flow of electricity, and proceed with the optimization of the flow of electricity.TEPCO Power Grid will use the data obtained by Waseda University to verify the reduction results of power loss by actual measurement and examine the distribution network configuration that minimizes power loss during distribution.

 Electric power is supplied from the power plant to each household and business in one direction, but there is a lot of power loss during distribution, and improvement is required worldwide.For this reason, information and communication technology has been added to the integrated operation of power sources and power transmission networks, and the construction of high-efficiency, high-quality power supply networks has been called for.

(* 1) Smart grid A power grid that can control and optimize the flow of electricity from both the supply side and the demand side, and is also called the next-generation power grid.

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