The University of Tsukuba has announced that it will play a leading role in the analysis of trace samples in the field of gene and genome analysis with the establishment of an international consortium for space life science research and the participation of Japan.Highly accurate data analysis by an international network of researchers is expected to speed up research aimed at manned exploration of space.

 According to the University of Tsukuba, in order for human beings to advance into space, it is necessary to understand how the gravitational environment and radiation different from those on the earth affect the human body at the same time as developing hardware such as rockets, and take measures. be.In particular, the effects of long-term space travel and long-term stays on the Moon and Mars are still unknown.

 In experiments such as on the International Space Station, samples taken from astronauts and laboratory animals must be analyzed in detail.What is considered necessary for this is omics, which comprehensively collects and analyzes various biomolecular and biochemical information. The University of Tsukuba has been working with the Aeronautical Research and Development Organization in Japan. It has played a leading role.

 In the future, Professor Masashi Muratani of the Transborder Medical Research Center for Medical Medicine will be the representative, and after creating a database of past experimental data, we will prepare an environment for analysis using robots and artificial intelligence.Based on this, standard measurement methods and experimental methods will be established.

Paper information:[Patterns] A New Era for Space Life Science: International Standards for Space Omics Processing

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