Thomson Reuters (New York, USA), an information service institution that publishes "Innovative University Rankings" and "Ranking of Japanese Research Institutes by the Number of High-Impact Papers," has unified the names of funding institutions that frequently appear in research papers. Then, it started to be implemented in the company's research and analysis tools.Since it was difficult to identify the institution because the description of the subsidized institution in the paper was often fluctuating, we have been conducting joint research with the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, National Institute of Science and Technology Policy since 2015.

 According to Thomson Reuters, this time it was implemented as the name of a funding agency in Japan that frequently appears on the company's research platform "Web of Science".In the future, we plan to further unify the names and implement them on the research platform.
Until now, the notation of the funding institution and program name to be inserted in the dissertation has varied depending on the researcher, and the person in charge of grant management has been forced to perform complicated work to identify the institution.The unification of names makes it easier to understand what research is being funded and what is in the new research area.

 Since 2015, Thomson Reuters has been working with the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology's National Institute of Science and Technology Policy to unify the names of funding agencies and programs described in the dissertation, and to build a system that continuously reflects them in the database. I came.

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