Chiba University, Nagara Town, Chiba Prefecture, and Resort Solution Co., Ltd. are equipped with a full-scale sports recreation facility that is unprecedented in Japan at "Resol Life Forest" in Nagara Town, Chiba Prefecture, which is operated by the Resort Solution Group. Announced that they have agreed to promote the commercialization of "University-based CCRC".

 CCRC means that elderly people in the Tokyo area and other areas can move to rural areas or "machinaka" if they wish, live a healthy and active life while interacting with local residents and multiple generations, and receive medical care as needed.・ Creating a community where people can receive nursing care.Chiba University uses intellectual resources for lifelong learning, interaction with students, preventive medicine and advanced health support, Nagara Town supports elderly people's relocation, and "Resol no Mori" has various facilities and programs. I will provide a.

In the future, we will carry out marketing research and formulate a grand design for the realization of university-linked CCRC in FY2016 and FY2017, and we plan to start full-scale sales of housing etc. from FY2018. Currently, there are about 100 settlers in "Resol no Mori", but by 2025 we aim to become a community where more than 1,000 settlers live.

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