Kyushu Zokei Junior College and Fukuoka Institute of Technology Junior College have been newly added to the three universities that belong to "Eastern Regional University Collaboration" such as Fukuoka Women's University, and in collaboration with Fukuoka Prefecture East Police Station, "Crime Prevention for Female Students" "Promotion Council" was established.The opening ceremony was held on April 3, 2016 at Kyushu Sangyo University.

 "Collaboration with Eastern Regional Universities" is the three universities of Fukuoka Women's University, Kyushu Sangyo University, and Fukuoka Institute of Technology located in the eastern part of Fukuoka City, which signed a partnership agreement in November 2011. We are making various efforts in the field.

 The "Crime Prevention Promotion Council for Female Students" that was launched this time is also part of that activity.This was achieved by a student's call for crime prevention awareness activities in response to the increasing number of sexual crimes in Fukuoka Prefecture.Approximately two female students from each of the five universities participated in the council as representatives.At the opening ceremony, members of the council were introduced and enlightenment leaflets were distributed in front of JR Kashii Station.

In the future, from the perspective unique to female students, we plan to plan crime prevention seminars and create crime prevention maps, and work in collaboration with the East Police Station.

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