Otemon Gakuin University Assertive Research Center and Benesse Institute for Education have launched a joint project aimed at developing a comprehensive assessment method by clarifying the "learning and growth process" by following up students before and after admission. rice field.

Currently, Japanese university education is required to undergo many reforms.In particular, it is an urgent task to motivate students to learn at an early stage and promote maximum growth.

In order to respond to this issue, Otemon Gakuin University has an "assertive program" that fosters the attitude and motivation of high school students to study at university, and a group discussion and "assertive entrance examination" that measures basic academic ability as a place where they can demonstrate their abilities. It has been introduced from new students, but in order to verify this result, it was decided to start a project that utilizes the knowledge of the Benesse Education Research Institute and the learning assessment method of the Benesse Group.

The research period is until March 2018, and as a flow, (3) an assessment test and student interviews to measure basic skills are conducted, the actual situation of the students is grasped by collating with the data, and (XNUMX) the effect of the measures is verified based on the actual situation. It is said that it aims to develop an assessment method that tracks and visualizes learning and growth by returning and reflecting the obtained results to the educational field and making recommendations for improving education.

Reference: [Benesse Holdings, Inc.]Otemon Gakuin University Assertive Research Center Benesse Education Research Institute Joint Research Project Launched "Development of Comprehensive Assessment Method to Track Student Learning and Growth-Starting from Verification of Results of Assertive Program / Assertive Entrance Examination-" (PDF )

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