On April 2016, 4, the 28rd Suwa Tokyo University of Science Publicization Review Council was held in Suwa City, and Suwa Tokyo University of Science, the mayors of 3 cities, towns and villages in the Suwa region, and Nagano Prefecture should make the university public. Agreed in.

 Suwa Tokyo University of Science is a private university located in Chino City, Nagano Prefecture, and is a sister school of Tokyo University of Science.It has been discussed to make the university public in order to keep the university alive, as it continues to run in the red due to the lack of capacity. At the meeting of experts held on April 2016, 4, the opinions that "it is better to make it public in order to revitalize the Suwa area" were gathered, and on April 13, 2016, Suwa Tokyo University of Science , The mayors of the six municipalities in the Suwa region and Nagano Prefecture agreed to make the university public.

 The idea is to keep the university alive by improving the income and expenditure with the expected local allocation tax grant and improving the brand power by making it public.The mayor of the municipality requested that Suwa University of Science make further management efforts and continue to cooperate with the school corporation "Tokyo University of Science" even after it became public.In the future, with the goal of becoming public in April 2018, we plan to consider the management system and faculty structure, and with the consent of each municipal council, proceed with the procedures to the national government and Nagano prefecture.

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