On the 12th, "All Nakano Disaster Prevention Volunteer Experience Day" (sponsored by the Experience Day Executive Committee) will be held at Meiji University and Teikyo Heisei University Nakano Campus in Nakano-ku, Tokyo.There are various programs planned, such as hands-on lectures by dispatched staff in the disaster area and first aid training, with free entry and exit.

 Nine experience booths are set up on the campuses of both schools, and in addition to first aid training, fire extinguishing training, smoke house experience, elderly person simulated experience, emergency water supply experience, earthquake simulation vehicle experience, rescue material experience, hand massage experience, water A drinking comparison experience is planned.
At the exhibition booth, panels on large-scale disasters and international terrorism will be introduced, and dispatched staff and volunteers from the affected areas will explain their experiences of the Great East Japan Earthquake.In addition, there will be a Tohoku product exhibition and a commentary section on medical care in the event of a disaster.

 The Experience Day Executive Committee will be organized at Meiji University, Teikyo Heisei University and Nakano Ward Office, Nogata Police Station, Tokyo Fire Department Nakano Fire Department, Tokyo Waterworks Bureau Nakano Sales Office, etc. It is being held.The holding time is from noon to 3:XNUMX pm.The executive committee also welcomes the participation of students and local residents outside the Nakano campus.

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