Almost a month has passed since the Kumamoto earthquake on April 4, and while scars from the disaster remain in various places, local university students are struggling as volunteers at evacuation centers.He has made an effort to take care of the evacuees, such as securing food, water, and supplies, and is pleased to be a great force in the evacuation center.

 At Iseri Junior High School in Kumamoto City, Kumamoto Prefecture, 15 students from the local Sojo University have gathered as volunteers to support up to 1,500 evacuees.He was in charge of managing and supplying supplies sent from outside the prefecture, and when the water stopped, he carried the water in the pool with a bucket relay and fully demonstrated his youthful power to support the evacuees.

 At Buntoku High School in Kumamoto City, two students from Sojo University cooperated with high school teachers and students to support 2 evacuees at most.The students staying at the boarding house stayed in the gymnasium where the evacuees lived and worked hard to distribute water and supplies.
In the latter half of Golden Week, the shortage of volunteers became a problem in various places, so the power of local university students was a great help.

 Kumamoto University, Kumamoto Gakuen University, Kumamoto Prefectural University, and Sojo University resumed classes on the 9th.Tokai University Kumamoto Campus is scheduled to resume on the 16th.The Faculty of Agriculture, which suffered great damage from the Aso Campus in Minamiaso Village, is tentatively considering resuming classes at the Kumamoto Campus in Kumamoto City.

Sojo University

A comprehensive university that develops active human power and practical skills to play an active role globally

Sojo University is a comprehensive university with 5 faculties and 9 departments of pharmacy, biological life science, engineering, informatics, and arts.By taking a step out of the traditional education system and eliciting the curiosity of students, many students actively engage in lessons and research, and have a high level of positive human power that "ignites their motivation." Man[…]

Kumamoto Gakuen University

A liberal arts university that learns "the power to live" while drawing big dreams for the future

Kumamoto Gakuen University is a comprehensive university of liberal arts with 5 faculties and 11 departments of commerce, economics, foreign languages, and social welfare, based on the founding spirit of "accompanied by teachers and students, open-mindedness, and whole university family".While giving a wide range of knowledge, he deeply teaches and researches the theory of specialized science, and firmly establishes the tradition of overseas development and international activities in Kumamoto Prefecture and the free-spirited academic style peculiar to private schools […].

Kumamoto University

Search for truth and newness.Kumamoto University aims to be a "True Global University"

Kumamoto University, which has a long history and tradition of more than 130 years, has set "Human resources development that can" Global Thinking and Local Action "by inheriting the spirit of Tsuyoshi Kiyoshi since the old system of Goko" in its educational strategy.A new creative "knowledge" was born and raised for a bright future, any [...]

Tokai University
Kumamoto Prefectural University

An advanced intensive university that organically combines the three fields of humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences.

Prefectural University of Kumamoto is developing talented and creative human resources who are well-educated and can contribute to the development of local communities and the international community in the 21st century under the slogan of "living in the community and extending to the world." ..It consists of 3 faculties and 3 graduate schools of text, environmental symbiosis, and comprehensive management, and 3 of human science, natural science, and social science […]

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