A research group led by Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro and Associate Professor Yuichiro Yoshikawa of the Graduate School of Basic Engineering, Osaka University has developed a human-robot dialogue system. "Independent Dialogue Android System", "Pros and Cons Sensitive Social Dialogue System", and "Touch Panel Dialogue System" will be exhibited at the world's largest exhibition "South by Southwest" held in Texas, USA It was resonated.

 According to Osaka University, the self-sustaining dialogue android system has the function of self-sustaining dialogue by using NTT's voice dialogue technology.Conventional androids are remote-controlled and require an operator to interact with people, but they can interact without an operator.

 The pros and cons-sensitive social dialogue system has not used voice recognition so far, and incorporates voice dialogue technology into social dialogue robots that have limited conversation content, enabling advanced dialogue according to human opinions. bottom.It involves people in the dialogue between robots and gives them a sense of dialogue that can be obtained through conversations between people.
The touch panel dialogue system limits the choices of speech to those displayed on the touch panel, and realizes dialogue in situations where voice recognition is difficult.The selected remarks are read aloud, so the dialogue is exchanged as voice and becomes natural.It can be used not only for humans and robots, but also for communication between humans such as medical sites and customer service situations.

 All three systems were created by studying the way humans and robots communicate from different aspects.In the future, the research team intends to proceed with demonstration experiments in various situations, develop dialogue content, and disseminate it to society.

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