Wakayama University has set up the homepage of "Kinokuni University", a consortium that promotes the solution of regional issues in Wakayama Prefecture.This is because the project has started in earnest after being certified by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology as a "regional revitalization promotion project by a base university in the area (knowledge)", and will be used to overcome the predicament of Wakayama Prefecture, where the population is declining and the population is aging. ..

 According to Wakayama University, Kino-Kuni University is a joint venture of universities, local governments, companies, economic organizations, etc. Promote acquisition and employment support.
In addition, it plans to develop a business that will open up the future of Wakayama Prefecture with the keywords of 6th industrialization, promotion of migration, development of new products and technologies, and to nurture young people who will be the driving force behind it.
On the homepage, the outline of Kino-Kuni University, the aim of the project, future goals are introduced, and the participation and cooperation of local governments, companies, and residents are called for by Hirokazu Taki, the president of Wakayama University, who is the chairman of the Kino-Kuni University Council.

 Wakayama University was certified as a "regional revitalization promotion project by the base university of the earth (knowledge)" in 2015, and has been making preparations such as establishing the Kinokuni University Council with related organizations and expanding the number of cooperating schools.The homepage was opened in response to the start of full-scale business activities, such as the start of the community-oriented career education "Wakayama Future Studies Minor".

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University goes to a place of "open learning (open education)"

A diverse and rapidly changing modern society faces a number of complex challenges.In order to solve such problems, it is indispensable to have human resources who have expertise in multiple fields and can respond flexibly from a high perspective.Wakayama University believes that it is necessary for the university to become a place for "open learning" in the future, and looks to the future [...]

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