On May 2016, 5, Central Japan International Airport Co., Ltd. and Kinjo Gakuin University signed a comprehensive agreement on industry-academia collaboration to jointly engage in marketing, sales promotion, and advertising activities.With this as an opportunity, "Kinjo Centrair Supporters" was established, and female college students will take the lead in activities with the aim of promoting the use of Centrair.

 Kinjo Gakuin University in Nagoya City has a Faculty of International Informatics, and since the latter half of 2015, guidance has been provided by a lecturer from Central Japan International Airport Co., Ltd.At the seminar, we presented countermeasures for the corporate issues facing Chubu Centrair International Airport from the perspective of students' unique sensibilities.The efforts were highly evaluated, and it was decided to conclude a comprehensive agreement.

 "Kinjo Centrair Supporters", which is organized by students, makes planning proposals and implementations in advance in various fields such as marketing, sales promotion, advertising activities, and development of original products.In addition, volunteer activities for interpreting for tourists by students learning languages, activities to develop the abilities of students aiming for the travel industry, activities such as club activities, etc. will be carried out, and young vitality will be infused into Centrair. Will be.It is expected that the two sides will work together to not only contribute to the development of local communities and international exchange, but also promote the use of Chubu Centrair International Airport by younger generations at home and abroad.

Kinjo Gakuin University

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It is a comprehensive women's university that represents the Tokai area. Under the educational slogan of "strong and gentle", we aim to produce women with rich intelligence and abilities.In addition, we boast a high employment record every year with a fulfilling career support system. […]

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