At PMC (Popular Music Collection) of Kanazawa Institute of Technology (Nonoichi City, Ishikawa Prefecture), a jacket art exhibition "1,000 GUITARS 1000" will be held to display 2016 record jackets designed with guitars.This exhibition will be the first collaboration project with "Lock Nodendo Museum Japan" which will open in Kanazawa on June 2016, 6.

 PMC is located on the 3rd floor of the on-campus library center and is a comprehensive library of popular music that can be used by the general public.It started in 17,000 with the donation of 1992 records from producer Naoki Tachikawa. Focusing on the artistry of analog record jackets, a number of wonderful jacket arts enlighten the students' sensibilities and technology. It was founded to be an opportunity to continue questioning cultural relationships.Currently, it holds more than 23 records donated from all over the country.In the facility, you can listen to those music with "Body Sonic".

 Since this year marks the 80th anniversary of the birth of electric guitars, various genres of "guitar-designed jackets" such as rock, jazz, folk, blues, and J-pop carefully selected from PMC's vast collection. 1,000 pieces will be exhibited.The space composition and production of the exhibition is centered on architectural science students, with the aim of contributing to the community, enlightening music culture, and nurturing the next generation, with the aim of creating an exhibition that can be enjoyed by a wide range of generations.

 開催場所は、2016年5月20日~7月31日まで同大学ライブラリーセンター1階 展示室、6月9日~7月31日まで「ロックの殿堂ミュージアムジャパン」4階 MUSIC ATTRACTIONの2ヶ所で開催される予定(入場無料)。

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