Chiba University of Commerce (Ichikawa City, Chiba Prefecture) opened a new facility "CUC International Square" on May 2016, 5, where you can enjoy foreign languages ​​and different cultures, mainly English.The facility aims to relax, become familiar with foreign and living languages, and increase opportunities for cross-cultural understanding.The feature is that students can experience English and different cultures on a daily basis in the atmosphere of being in a foreign cafe while staying on campus.

 Foreign staff are stationed in the facility.Activities such as games and sports in English, a variety of cultural events, one-on-one online English conversation space where you can learn according to your level and theme, Chinese hours to enjoy communication in Chinese, and various countries and countries They are also planning to implement a program for the community.

 At the same university, in addition to the faculties to which it belongs, it also enrolls in designated faculties of overseas universities, implements a "double degree program" aiming to obtain both degrees in four years, and enhances language training and international exchange programs. I am trying to.Although the number of participants is increasing year by year, it is important to be exposed to the language on a daily basis in order to learn a language, and the facility opened this time provides an opportunity to be exposed to a foreign language at any time on campus.

 Looking ahead to the modern career where globalization is accelerating, the university will develop global human resources who can play an active role in various fields by acquiring rich language skills / communication skills, independence / positivity, and a spirit of cross-cultural understanding. We are further strengthening the system for this purpose.

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At Chiba University of Commerce, we are developing traditional practical education, testing the knowledge and theories learned in class in various projects in the real world, and practicing learning that grows by repeating many awareness and discoveries.Human resources who can learn deeply and broadly from both knowledge and experience, think for themselves, make decisions, and open up the future […]

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