Kyoto University, Kumamoto University, NTT DATA MSE Co., Ltd. and NTT Docomo Co., Ltd. have jointly developed a drowsiness detection system for drivers that utilizes the functional material "hitoe wear" that can acquire biological information such as heartbeat by wearing it. From May 2016, 5, a demonstration experiment was started with the cooperation of the shipping company.

 NTT DATA MSE has developed a dedicated smartphone application that implements the "sleepiness detection algorithm" newly developed by Kyoto University and Kumamoto University.By transmitting the heart rate data acquired by hitoe wear and the "hitoe transmitter" developed by DoCoMo to the smartphone on which the dedicated app is installed, it detects the drowsiness of drivers who drive at night or for a long time, and informs drivers and managers. A system that notifies you of alerts.

 The "Drowsiness Detection Algorithm" jointly developed by Kyoto University and Kumamoto University has eight types of heart rate variability indicators, such as an engineering method called multivariate statistical process management (MSPC) and an average heart rate interval, assuming that the heart rate pattern during awakening is normal. An algorithm that determines drowsiness from the difference from the normal heart rate pattern.

 In the future, we will add a function to store the acquired heart rate data on the cloud and allow the administrator to compare it with the past heart rate data and grasp the tendency. By developing a new algorithm that analyzes integrated data that links operation information and heart rate variability indicators, we aim to create a mechanism that can further support drivers and managers.

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