Schoo Inc., which operates the online video learning service "schoo WEB-campus" for working in the Web industry, and the laboratory of Associate Professor Toshihiko Yamazaki, Graduate School of Information Science and Engineering, the University of Tokyo, are working to improve the presentation skills of Japanese people. Joint research started in April 2016.

 Yamazaki Laboratory has analyzed more than 1,600 data (English version) of "TED Talks", which distributes presentations and lectures of celebrities from all over the world for free, and "contents" and "grammar (words used)". We have verified the degree of comprehension and impression prediction of the viewer from the feature quantities in the three points of "selection, etc.)" and "voice (inflection of speech, tempo, etc.)".

 In this joint research, more than 22 lesson videos produced by Suku by more than 1,000 instructors and students who are viewers during live broadcasting on the online video learning service "schoo WEB-campus" with about 2,500 members. The data that Suku has accumulated so far, such as the content posted on the timeline, will be shared with the Yamazaki laboratory, the impression of the viewer will be predicted, the degree of understanding will be measured by comments on the timeline, and the presentation will be quantitatively evaluated.

 In addition, the content of the quantitative evaluation will be verified in the live broadcast class of "schoo WEB-campus", and in the future, we aim to build a system that can feed back the impression result of the viewer in real time to the speakers during the presentation.In this research, all personal information held by Suku is encrypted and provided to Yamazaki Laboratory.

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