Takahiro Furuta, a first-year student in the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Kanazawa Institute of Technology (Nono City, Ishikawa Prefecture), held an international conference on wireless power transmission in Aveiro, Portugal, from May 1 to 2016, 5. Attended the "Wireless Power Transfer Conference 5" sponsored by the IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques-Society.Received the 6rd place of "Student Paper Award" which is a student dissertation award.Mr. Furuta's research was praised for realizing the technology to supply power in a wide area at low cost and with the world's top level power generation efficiency using the radio waves of terrestrial digital broadcasting emitted from Tokyo Sky Tree.

 This international conference is a representative conference on wireless power transmission, and in 2016, 150 papers including general and students were submitted.Of these, 21 papers were accepted from 97 countries around the world (acceptance rate 64.7%), and Mr. Furuta's paper was one of the 31 papers selected for oral presentation.Twenty-two papers were accepted from Japan, but only the university received the general / student paper award (six in total).

 Wireless power transmission is a research field that has received a great deal of attention because it enables transmission from solar power satellites to the ground and wireless power supply for electric vehicles. I'm shaving.In recent years, research on "energy harvesting technology" that generates DC voltage using the weak radio waves of broadcasting and mobile phones that apply this technology has been promoted, and it can be used in various places without using a power source or batteries. It will be possible to install electronic devices.They are expected to be applied to monitoring sensors.

 Mr. Furuta's research is related to improving the efficiency of high-frequency rectifier circuits that generate direct current using radio waves from terrestrial digital broadcasting in the 500 MHz band.With a new antenna and circuit method, we have achieved the world's top level of power generation efficiency of 8.7% from a weak 25 μW broadcast wave.In order to confirm the effectiveness of the rectifier circuit, Mr. Furuta conducted a demonstration experiment in the Tokyo area and confirmed power generation at a point 25 km away from Tokyo Sky Tree.This 23km distance is said to be the distance to cover the XNUMX wards of Tokyo from Tokyo Sky Tree.In addition to new ideas for antennas and circuits, this presentation attracted the attention of conference participants by demonstrating its effectiveness in Tokyo.

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