An archaeological research team led by Akira Ichikawa, a specially appointed assistant professor at the Graduate School of Letters, Nagoya University, is a stone university showing the exchange between ancient Mayan and non-Maya cultural areas at the San Andres archaeological site in El Salvador, Central America. I found the platform.This stone-making technique is believed to have been obtained through exchanges with non-Maya cultural areas, and was announced at a press conference hosted by the Agency for Cultural Affairs of the President of El Salvador.

 According to Nagoya University, the large stone platform discovered this time is located in Building No. 90, which is 80 meters north-south, 20 meters east-west, and 5 meters high.It has a staircase shape, with at least 4 steps and a height of 6 meters.It is well preserved, and it seems to be a structure around 450-600 AD from the soil layer and excavated relics.

 The San Andres archaeological site is located on the southeastern tip of the Mayan cultural sphere and traditionally built structures out of soil.The structure discovered this time is extremely heterogeneous and is the oldest stone structure in the remote areas of the ancient Mayan culture.Since these stone structures were first seen at the Quelepa archaeological site in the eastern part of El Salvador, which is considered to be outside the Mayan cultural area, it is considered that the ancient Mayan cultural area interacted with the non-Maya cultural area and acquired building technology.

 This large stone platform is built on volcanic ash originating from the Holocene's largest eruption of Iropango volcano in the New World.It has been thought that the current El Salvador area was destroyed by this eruption, but this discovery raises the possibility that it could have been restored in a shorter period of time than is commonly accepted.For this reason, the study team considers it to be of high academic value as a material for examining disaster response for people in ancient Mayan society.

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