Chiba University of Commerce (Ichikawa City, Chiba Prefecture) The Faculty of Human and Social Studies started full-scale collaborative activities with Sanmu City in the northeastern part of Chiba Prefecture from 2016 as part of its undergraduate education.As the first step, students from the laboratory of Associate Professor Teshigawara of Social Welfare participated in the operation of "Sanmu Rice Paddy Art Project" (sponsored by Sanmu Rice Paddy Art PROJECT) in the city.・ Learn how to revitalize the city born from art.

 "Rice field art" is to use rice fields as a canvas, plant seedlings of different kinds of colors, and draw pictures on the ground with rice.The seedlings planted in the spring are slowly colored, the whole picture appears, and the rice that has grown is harvested in the fall.
As a symbol of the revival of the Great East Japan Earthquake, this project will be held in Soma City in 2014 with the cooperation of members living in Soma City, Fukushima Prefecture, Sanmu City, Chiba Prefecture, and Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture. It all started.In 2015, the "Sanmu Rice Paddy Art Project" started in Sammu City, and now, with an eye on the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, we will cross the boundaries of generations, regions, and nationalities, experience agriculture, and experience food and art. The purpose is to interact through.

Rice field art 2015

Rice field art 2015

The Faculty of Human and Social Studies, which was established in 2014, aims to develop human resources who can solve social issues through social business, and students will participate in urban development through collaborative activities like this one to practice active learning. That is the aim.On the other hand, Sammu City wants to utilize the flexible ideas and positive actions of the younger generation of students as the vitality of the region.


Since March 2015, Sanmu City and the university have been collaborating with Associate Professor Teshigawara on support activities for voluntary evacuees from the Great East Japan Earthquake and the city's reconstruction support project for the Tohoku disaster area. In March 3, Nobuhiro Taira, a third-year student at the same department, was appointed as a director of the "Sanmu Global Center" in Sammu City.

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At Chiba University of Commerce, we are developing traditional practical education, testing the knowledge and theories learned in class in various projects in the real world, and practicing learning that grows by repeating many awareness and discoveries.Human resources who can learn deeply and broadly from both knowledge and experience, think for themselves, make decisions, and open up the future […]

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