The special class "Waraiku", which is the first attempt at the university, will be held 5 times from May 18th (Wednesday) to July 7th (Wednesday) at Tokyo University of Science, inviting professional entertainers as guest lecturers. It will be held.The purpose is to improve communication skills for students who are not good at speaking, such as wanting to be able to talk well with people and wanting to appeal with confidence in job hunting.

 "Waraiku" is a delivery class that Shochiku Geino Co., Ltd. has been conducting since 2012 to learn the mechanism of laughter.The instructor is a talented professional entertainer.In order to create laughter on the stage, careful preparation and complex power are required in the process of creating a manzai.Advanced techniques are needed to entertain the audience and draw them into the world of their laughter while collaborating with their imagination and companionship.By directly learning how to make laughter from professional entertainers, it is an initiative that allows you to acquire communication skills and the ability to make presentations.

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Tokyo University of Science was founded in 1881 as the "Tokyo Physics Training Institute", and after more than 140 years of history, it has developed into a comprehensive science and engineering university with 4 campuses, 7 faculties, 33 departments, and 7 graduate schools with 30 majors. Graduation of students who have acquired the true ability and the founding spirit of "making the spread of science the basis for the development of national luck" […]

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