The Liberal Democratic Party's project team (PT, Chairman Ryu Shionoya), who has been studying the ideal state of the Science Council of Japan, has put together a proposal calling for an organizational change to a corporation independent of the government and submitted it to Shinji Inoue, Minister of Science and Technology.The Science Council of Japan is near, and the government intends to put together its own reform plan, and the government will indicate the direction of reform as early as this year.

 According to the recommendations, the Liberal Democratic Party PT acknowledged that the Science Council of Japan has been striving to achieve its nomination as a representative body of scientists since its establishment in 1949, but it has not fulfilled its ideal form of science for policy. Showed recognition.

 In order to reform this situation, he recommended that the current situation, which is legally under the jurisdiction of the Prime Minister and is regarded as a "special institution" of the Cabinet Office, should be reviewed and restarted as an independent new organization.Incorporated administrative agencies, special public corporations, public interest corporations, etc. can be considered as organizational forms.

 Along with this, it is necessary to consider some measures to show that it is a representative academy of Japan that meets the standards of the international academy, and in order to make the organization transparent and strengthen the governance function, a third-party organization He pointed out that installation is also indispensable.
He explains that the reason for seeking independence is that it is necessary to ensure the independence and political neutrality of science as an organization.

 The reform of the Science Council of Japan surfaced when Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga did not appoint six candidate members.While the Science Council of Japan and university officials protested against Prime Minister Suga who did not clarify the reason for refusing the appointment and criticized it as impairing academic freedom, the Liberal Democratic Party said that there was a problem with the activities of the Science Council of Japan. There was a voice.

reference:[Liberal Democratic Party] Recommendations for reform of the Science Council of Japan (PDF)

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