"NHK Student Robocon" is a robot contest in which students from universities, colleges of technology, and colleges nationwide participate.Every year, each school competes using ideas and teamwork, and the winning team is a robot competition held in Bangkok, Thailand by teams of universities, colleges of technology, and colleges that represent the countries and regions of the Asia-Pacific region. He will participate in the "ABU Asia-Pacific Robot Contest (ABU Robocon)" as a representative of Japan.

 The theme for 2016 is "energy".Document screening based on the time and certainty to complete the task assigned in the presented task, uniqueness of the idea, future growth margin, 1st and 2nd video screening, Kanazawa Institute of Technology, In addition to Kogakuin University, 24 teams were selected.

 In the competition task called "Clean Energy Recharging the World", we will make two robots, an eco-robot and a hybrid robot.
First, let the eco-robot with the propeller clear the three obstacle zones.Here, as a rule, the hybrid robot must move the eco-robot by using wind power or magnetic force without direct contact.Of course, an actuator for self-propelling cannot be installed.The hybrid robot receives the propeller from the eco-robot that has cleared the obstacle zone, climbs the pole, and attaches the propeller to the top.The team with the propeller installed first is the winner "Chai-Yo". It will be played in a 3-minute battle format.The final will be held on July 3th at the Ota Ward General Gymnasium.

Kogakuin University

A university that continues to evolve while inheriting tradition

Starting with the opening of Japan's first "Faculty of Architecture" in 2011, the "Faculty of Advanced Engineering" was established in 2015. With the birth of the "Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering *" in the Faculty of Engineering, we are constantly reforming in line with the times.In addition, Hachioji Camper […]

Kanazawa Institute of Technology

Fostering global human resources with the "innovation power" to create things that are useful to people and society

Kanazawa Institute of Technology has 4 departments in 12 faculties: Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Information Frontier, Faculty of Architecture, and Faculty of Biotechnology and Chemistry, and realizes a wide range of learning fields in collaboration with faculties, graduate schools, and research institutes. "Working on ambiguous problems as a team, clarifying the problems to be solved, creating solutions under constraints, […]

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