Professor Kazuya Kusano's research team at Nagoya University has started a nationwide research project to predict environmental changes in the solar earth sphere.For the past half century, humankind has been exploring space.It has become clear that the territory is a world that changes more drastically than imagined as it spreads throughout the entire solar system, and that such changes are also affecting human society.

 A prominent example is the explosion of the sun's surface.It has been pointed out that explosions (flares) on the surface of the sun can sometimes induce phenomena such as giant magnetic storms and have a fatal effect on electricity, satellites, aircraft, communication networks, etc. in the Earth's sphere.There is an urgent need to establish the basis for space weather forecasts that accurately predict the occurrence and impact of such global environmental changes.

 So far, the periodic activity of the sun, the occurrence of flares, and the accompanying environmental changes in the Earth's sphere have been made based on empirical predictions.First of all, by combining observations with Japan's world-class state-of-the-art systems such as the solar observation satellite "Hinode" and the exploration satellite ERG that observes the area around the earth launched in 2016, and advanced simulations, "space weather" can be achieved. We aim to make accurate predictions.Furthermore, through cross-disciplinary research, we will establish a method for predicting and evaluating how "space weather" will affect the global environment and social systems in which we live.
 If this research can predict the effects of environmental changes around the earth, it will give a great deal of feedback to the design policies of our society.Currently, social design is underway in consideration of hydraulic control in the event of heavy rain and disaster mitigation in the event of an earthquake, but the day may come when a society that is resistant to changes in space weather will become commonplace.

Source:[Nagoya University] Started a new academic area research project aiming to form a new foundation for modern society through future prediction of the solar earth sphere environment (PDF)

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