At Meisei University (Hino City, Tokyo), the Department of International Communication will hold a "Meisei Summer School" to teach English and Chinese to 1 nearby elementary and junior high school students in cooperation with students and foreign volunteers during the summer vacation. do. Many volunteers from overseas participate in this event, which is also called "one week of domestic mini-study abroad".Students in the department can feel like studying abroad while staying in Japan, and the children who participated in the department are also popular because they can learn languages ​​for free.This summer school has become an annual featured event and is being undertaken as part of an international exchange project.

 Students mainly manage and manage the project.Rather than studying at the desk, the lesson style is to have fun learning through activities such as games, singing, and conversation, and the purpose is for children to become familiar with the language without being conscious of their weaknesses. It consists of two teams, a Unit team and a Teaching team. The Unit team is in charge of public relations and planning and management, and the Teaching team is in charge of topics and ideas handled in class, and what kind of sentences and conversations are taught to children.

 Many of the students who have participated in the operation so far are said to have had such a valuable experience that they answered "Summer school!" When asked "What property did you get at the university?"By managing the project while making various decisions and solving problems, such as discussing lesson plans and practicing with foreign volunteers, you can experience work in a multicultural environment.Here, it is required not only to improve language skills, but also to think and act independently in order to carry out the project, and to carry out the tasks to be tackled responsibly.In this department, there are many students who work part-time at an English conversation school after studying abroad or who have a language-related teaching profession, and the practical study in this project is directly linked to the future.

 In 2016, less than 20 volunteer students from all over the world, including Hungary, Italy, Romania and Belarus, are scheduled to visit Japan.The summer school will be held at the university for 2016 days from August 8th to 8th, 13.For inquiries, please contact the Meisei University Faculty of Humanities Support Office (6-042-591, direct).

Reference: [Meisei University] Summer School

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