A documentary film "There Was a War When I was a Child-War Experiences Listened to by University Students" (2 hour 1) Minutes) is produced. On July 1, 48, we held a completion screening at Sakurada Cinema on the 2015st floor of the Design Engineering Training Building B of our university.The theme is "Fun memories and purpose of life during the war".The students themselves interviewed 7 people from Yamagata prefecture who experienced the Pacific War and finished it as a documentary film.

Associate Professor Tetsu Maeda (Department of Imaging) presented "war experience" as an issue for the production of this movie. Since October 2014, 10 second-year students in the current film department have been working on the lesson subject for the first-year students at that time, "War experience that college students listen to."Students start by looking for a "storyteller" who will cooperate by thinking about what kind of image the current generation of university students have for the war-experienced generation and what they would like to hear.At hot spring facilities and parks, we talked to the elderly, asked our friends' grandparents for interviews, and the students came in pairs to visit the experiencers and invite them to the university. Interviews, shootings and recordings were conducted.

For many students, listening directly to the story of the war is their first experience.Some students said, "I was at a loss as to how much I could hear the dark story of war, whether I would hurt the other person," or "By listening to the live voice, war is a problem that concerns me, not other people." Some students said, "I came to think about it."In addition, Associate Professor Maeda, who was instructed this time, said, "We can see the extraordinary of war from the intervals between everyday memories."
This completion screening was held by inviting the performers, but it is scheduled to be open to the public at the "Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival" to be held in Yamagata City in October 2015.

Source:[Tohoku University of Art and Design, Department of Imaging] Documentary film "There was a war when I was a child-a war experience that college students listen to-"

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