Shizuoka University has jointly developed "Information Moral Diagnosis Service" for teachers of elementary and junior high schools with Kaspersky Lab Co., Ltd., which provides information security solutions.It started to be provided free of charge to elementary and junior high schools nationwide from May 2016, 5.

 The "Information Moral Diagnosis Service" asks children and students in the 4th grade to the 3rd grade of junior high school about the Internet usage status, morals, security, law, etc. in a test format.By visualizing the results in an easy-to-understand manner, it is a Web service for teachers that is useful for effective guidance in line with the actual situation.By utilizing data such as national comparisons and distribution maps, it has become possible to provide necessary guidance now.

 In recent years, with the daily use of the Internet by elementary and junior high school students, troubles such as internet dependence, cyberbullying, and crime damage have increased.Therefore, understanding the situation regarding the use of the Internet by children and students is indispensable for class management.However, collecting information takes time and effort, and the burden on teachers is heavy, so it is not proceeding as expected.

 Therefore, with the aim of further enhancing information ethics education in elementary and junior high schools, we have developed a service based on the expertise of Associate Professor Shingo Shioda of the Faculty of Education, Shizuoka University, and the expertise of Kaspersky's security measures.

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