At the Common Test for University Admissions, in order to support students who are financially burdened by the corona scholarship, a scholarship equivalent to half the entrance fee is provided. , Implement "reservation type scholarships" for examinees selected for general and common test use.

 "Enrollment scholarships" that are eligible for comprehensive and school-recommended selection are provided with scholarships equivalent to half the enrollment fee (normal enrollment fee of 30 yen).To apply, fill out the enclosed application form (transfer account entry form) on the pass notification form and mail it to the university together with the admission procedure documents.The application period is until the admission procedure deadline for each of the comprehensive selection type A to G schedules and the school recommended type selection (including designated school recommended type) A and B schedules.

 The "reservation-type scholarship" for general and common test use selection is free of charge and provides a scholarship equivalent to half the entrance fee (normal entrance fee of 30 yen).To apply, download the application documents from the university homepage, fill in the necessary information, and mail it.The application period (second term) is from January 2, 2021 (Friday) to February 1, 15 (Sunday) * Postmark is valid on the day.Both scholarships will be bank-transferred to eligible enrollees during April.

 The University of Human Arts and Sciences was established in 1953 with the Waseda Medical School as the parent body. It opened in 2000 as the first private university to be a correspondence college, and now has about 3000 students, including commuting departments.Department of Mental and Physical Health Science (communication system), Department of Health and Nutrition, Department of Health Food Science (school attendance system) in Faculty of Human Sciences (Hasuda Campus), Department of Nursing, Department of Rehabilitation (Department of Physical Therapy, Prosthetics) in Faculty of Health Sciences (Iwatsuki Campus) There is a Department of Equipment Studies).

reference:[University of Human Arts and Sciences] For those who are planning to take the university: Reservation-type scholarship (general selection / common test use selection) Information on the second application period

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