Showa Women's University held the first joint class "Community Art" with Temple University, Japan Campus (TUJ), a Japanese school of Temple University in the same site, from September to December 2020.

 TUJ will move to Showa Women's University in the fall of 2019.This is the first attempt by a private university in Japan to place a campus in Japan and the United States on the same site, and a super-global campus has been realized between a large comprehensive US university and a Japanese university. In 2020, despite the environment where it is difficult to interact due to the corona disaster, we held a joint class "Community Art" at the 10th building where both universities are located, and took the first step of full-scale learning exchange. ..

 "Community art" is a class that aims to create new value by solving community problems through art.Showa Women's University Faculty of History and Culture and TUJ's faculty in charge of art are in charge of lectures, and there are a total of 20 students from Showa Women's University's Department of History and Culture, Department of International Studies, and Department of English Communication, and 13 from TUJ to major in art. Taken.

 The class was divided into four groups of mixed Japan and the United States, and through project-type learning, they learned theory and learned about "community art" from various angles through workshops. The four groups are planning "Workshop proposals for the Setagaya Museum" to make children feel closer to art at the Setagaya Museum, "Chalk Art Production and Art Management" to practice art management by negotiating with street painters, Showa. "Proposal of SWU & TUJ Project" to examine concrete measures to continue exchange between Women's University and TUJ, "Art Documentation Class Trail" to record the efforts of each project in chronological order and accumulate learning in the future, 4 above Worked on two projects.

 Professor Ryo Kinoshita, Department of History and Culture, Showa Women's University, said, "There were some differences in culture between Japan and the United States, such as the way of thinking about credits. It's the same to worry about whether it's okay. We proceeded with the class while clearing various issues one by one. It was a creative and stimulating exchange that was different from language learning. We deepened our relationship while working together to solve the issues. It was impressive that I was able to make a proposal with an awareness of the problem. "

Reference: [Showa Women's University] First joint class "Community Art" with Temple University Japan Campus

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