Red Bull holds an online program "Red Bull Basement" for university students all over the world, aiming to realize ideas that will change the student life and the world, and to foster next-generation innovators.Ryutaro Suda of the University of Tokyo and Yusuke Hakamaya of Keio University, who participated as representatives of Japan, passed the preliminary round and was selected as the top 10 in the project "hummingbird" that generates electricity from sound.

 Red Bull Basement is a project aimed at nurturing future innovators and moving the world forward. Starting in 2018, in 3, the third time, we expanded the scale and recruited participants from university students in 2020 countries, and received more than 38 ideas (3,800 from Japan). The "Red Bull Basement Global Workshop" was held virtually on December 224-2020, 12, and representatives from 10 countries who passed the preliminary round presented their ideas.

 As a result, the water-saving washing machine "Lava Aqua X" by Paramveer Bhachu and Joanna Power of Brunel University in London, England won the highest award.The idea of ​​reusing shower drainage to save not only water resources but also time and cost was appreciated.The excellence award was given to Pakistan's swarm intelligence-based field research one-stop solution "UniThink" and Slovakia's "Charging Revolution" device charger that generates energy simply by moving the hand.

 The project of Mr. Suda and Mr. Hakamaya, who were selected as the top ten, is a sound power generation device "hummingbird" that applies the technology of collecting sound waves in the air and converting them into electricity.The two prepared a presentation for the production with the cooperation of Mr. Shigenori Kitahara, the creative director of Makuake Co., Ltd., which operates a crowdfunding platform.

 Regarding participation in Red Bull Basement, Mr. Suda said, "I was able to rethink my way of life. In particular, the idea of ​​Mr. Kitahara, a mentor (representative of Japan)," I can understand technology and bridge how to make use of it in the world. Inspired by "people", it became a role model. I was able to learn and realize the philosophy of life here. In the future, I will theoretically create a basis for charging smartphones with sound power generation, and it will be technically feasible. I would like to create a new device. "

Reference: [Red Bull Japan Co., Ltd.] Red Bull Basement

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