An international collaborative research team including Kyoto University announced that they have succeeded in synthesizing and elucidating the structure of glass, which has the best structural order in the world.

 Glass has been used in our daily lives for a long time and has become one of the indispensable materials, but its structure loses the regularity of atomic arrangement because it is made by quenching the liquid of the raw material. ..The synthesis of glass with a high structural order is expected to become a new basis for material development, but structural research on glass with a disordered atomic arrangement has been difficult, and its structural control has been delayed.

 This time, the researchers synthesized silica (SiO8) glass under high temperature and high pressure of 1200 ° C and 7.7 atm from experiments using quantum beam facilities such as the large radiation facility SPring-2. We have discovered that the most spaced glass in the world has been reported so far, that is, the most structurally ordered glass in the world.State-of-the-art topological analysis has also revealed the mechanism by which the atomic ring structure of glass is deformed and formed by compression at high temperatures, thereby ordering the atomic arrangement.

 In addition, when the movement of glass atoms with the world's most structural order was measured, it was found that it was different from glass without structural order synthesized at room temperature with the same composition and density, and the movement of glass atoms was determined by the structural order. Was also found to be greatly affected.

 The findings obtained this time will pave the way for structural control of glass that makes full use of temperature and pressure, and are expected to be applied to the synthesis of new high-refractive index glass, high-strength glass, and high-performance optical fiber in the future. ..

 In addition to Kyoto University, this research team includes Materials and Materials Research Organization, Bath University, Waseda University, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Gifu University, Hiromae University, Tokyo University, Ryukyu University, Laue Langevin Institute, Tsukuba University, Oak Ridge. National Research Institute, Rutherford Appleton Research Institute, Physics and Chemistry Research Institute, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Industrial Technology Research Institute, Ritsumeikan University, High Brightness Photoscience Research Center are listed, and the power of many researchers in Japan and abroad. The result was obtained by.

Paper information:[NPG Asia Materials] Structure and properties of densified silica glass: Characterizing the order within disorder

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