Kenichi Iga, Professor Emeritus and Former President of Tokyo Institute of Technology, is one of the highest medals of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), the world's largest and most prestigious academic society in electrical engineering and electronics. He received the "Edison Medal" in 2021.The award ceremony will be held online from May 2021th to 5th, 11.

 The Edison Medal is presented annually to researchers who have made outstanding achievements in the science of electricity since 1909 to commemorate Thomas Edison.This time, the award is given to Professor Emeritus Iga's achievement "Pioneering contribution to the concept creation, physics, and development of vertical resonator type surface emitting laser".In the field of electrical and electronic engineering, it is the most traditional and most honored award in the world.The Japanese are the third to receive the award after Jun-ichi Nishizawa (Tohoku University, at the time of the award) in 2000 and Isamu Akasaki (Meijo University, at the time of the award, 2011 Nobel Physics Award) in 2014.

 Professor Emeritus Iga proposed the idea of ​​a surface emitting laser (VCSEL) in 1977. Since the first demonstration at Tokyo Institute of Technology in 1979, we have established the basic technical and theoretical foundations needed to realize this new laser.It has had a great impact on the world and has become indispensable for high-speed data communication, mainly Gigabit Ethernet, Fiber Channel, and optical fiber wiring for interconnection in supercomputers such as "TSUBAME" of Tokyo Institute of Technology.In addition, various applications such as computer mice, high-speed laser printers, 3D face authentication in smartphones, and mobile laser radar are underway, and it is expected that the global market will exceed 2025 billion yen by 5,000. There is.

Reference: [Tokyo Institute of Technology] IEEE Edison Medal for Professor Emeritus Kenichi Iga

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