Kanagawa University will establish a new science major at the Graduate School of Science of the same university in April 2016.With this reorganization, the Department of Information Science, Department of Chemistry, and Department of Biological Science, which had been established in the Graduate School of Science, will be changed to "Department of Science" consisting of five areas: mathematics, physics, information science, chemistry, and biological science. ..

 Behind the establishment of the Department of Science, we will actively and persistently engage in research on energy, resources, environmental problems, etc. that are indispensable for the realization of a sustainable society, based on our expertise in the natural sciences. The current situation is that human resources with abilities and motivation are required.

 In order to develop such human resources, the Department of Science of the same university can systematically acquire the specialized knowledge of natural science in five fields such as mathematics, physics, and information science, based on the basic knowledge learned in the undergraduate school. At the same time, we will train you to use the acquired specialized knowledge through exercises and research subjects, and educate you to develop and develop the ability to solve problems in the field of science and technology, basic communication and presentation ability, and contribute to the development of natural science. I am aiming.

 The 2016 admission information for the Department of Science (Mathematics, Physics, Information Science, Chemistry, Biological Sciences) is as follows.
[Recruitment] 59 master's programs / 3 doctoral students
[Spring Admission Schedule] Application period January 2016th (Monday) -January 1th (Friday), 25 (effective postmark)
[Test date] Written on Wednesday, March 2016, 3, dictated on Thursday, March 9, 3
[Announcement date] March 2016, 3 (Tuesday)
[Examination types to be conducted] General entrance examination, foreign student entrance examination, adult special entrance examination

Source:[Kanagawa University] A new science major will be established at the Graduate School of Science, Kanagawa University!

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