The biggest obstacle to reforming municipalities is financial resources, and the fact that the chief must take leadership in consensus building within municipalities rather than coordinating with the national and prefectural governments. , It was found in the questionnaire conducted by the NIRA National Institute for Research Advancement of Think Tanks.

 The survey was conducted by NIRA Research Institute in collaboration with Professor Toshihiro Okubo of the Faculty of Economics, Keio University, Professor Takuya Tsuji of the Graduate School of Law, Hitotsubashi University, and Professor Masayuki Nakagawa of the Faculty of Economics, Nihon University, targeting 1,718 mayors of cities, towns and villages nationwide, and 23 wards of Tokyo. , 815 answers were obtained and tabulated.

 According to the report, as the infection of the new coronavirus spreads, the mayors of cities, wards, towns and villages nationwide were most focused on actively disseminating information to the residents, and the chief took the leadership by controlling the information. I thought I could do it.

 The next most common was promotion of consumption and measures against unemployment and bankruptcy.Many of the chiefs believed that leadership was required in terms of economic measures rather than specialized fields such as medical care and hygiene measures.

 Population decline measures have been considered to be the most important issue until the emergence of the new corona, and many chiefs place importance on investing in child-rearing support and expecting a population recovery.Opinions of the chiefs are divided on spending cuts and securing a resident population.

 The biggest obstacle to reform was the lack of financial resources by three-quarters of chiefs.Due to the lack of coordination with the national and prefectural governments, there are many voices who regard the conflict between the chief and the parliament and the non-cooperation of the residents as problems, and it is necessary for the chief to exert more leadership than before in consensus building within the municipality. The opinion that there is was conspicuous.

reference:[NIRA National Institute for Research Advancement] NIRA Research Institute "Policies awareness and leadership of the mayors of municipalities nationwide" questionnaire survey (preliminary report)

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