The Dentsu Youth Research Department (Dentsu Wakamon), which aims to build a good relationship between youth and society, collaborates with U-Campus Co., Ltd., a company specializing in university marketing, to match university school festivals nationwide with corporate sponsorship activities. The special site "School Festival Summary 2015" was opened on July 2015, 7.

Site image (quoted from the source)

Site image (quoted from the source)

 This site will be provided as a new service of the mailing list application "Circle Up" * for university circles.In the Tokyo metropolitan area, despite the fact that there are school festivals with more than 10 mobilization, the current situation is that corporate sponsorship activities are not very active.The reason is that, besides the fact that the school festival is a place of education, there is no know-how for gathering sponsorship or connections with companies in the school festival executive committee by students.

 Based on this situation, the site contains content that lectures students on the know-how of sponsorship sales, such as basic knowledge about sponsorship, how to make a plan to be submitted to the company, and how to approach the company.For companies, Circle Up acts as an intermediary between the company and the school festival, posting advertisements in the official guidebook of the school festival, sampling products for visitors, setting up a PR booth on campus, etc. at the school festival. We support corporate promotion activities.

* Circle Up is an app dedicated to university circles that has been providing services since 2013, and was developed mainly by members of Dentsu Communication Institute (Dentsu Youth Research Department). As of July 2015, 7 circles from 212 universities nationwide are registered. There is a list function for each grade including OBs and OGs, an album function that collects photos, an offer function that serves as a support window from companies, a service that you can get points by conducting a questionnaire and exchange it for cash or convenient items of the circle. I have.

Source:[Dentsu] Established a special site "School Festival Summary 2015" that matches Dentsu Wakamon and U Campus, school festivals and corporate sponsorship.

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