Under the slogan "To the university museum again this year," a stamp rally is being held to visit 14 universities and 15 university museums inside and outside Kyoto.

Poster (quoted from the source)

Poster (quoted from the source)

The "Kyoto-University Museum Collaboration" that organized the stamp rally is an organization consisting of 14 university museums in 15 universities in Kyoto City, and Kyoto University Museum, Doshisha University Historical Museum, Ritsumeikan University International Peace Museum, etc. are members. I am.Kyoto has so many universities that it is said to be a university city.However, it is not well known that each university has facilities such as art galleries and museums, and its collections are exhibited in the form of exhibitions.Against this background, the Kyoto-University Museum Collaboration was established in 2011 to promote various projects that will lead to tourism promotion and regional revitalization in Kyoto City while promoting the facilities of each university.

 This stamp rally is also planned to be familiar to each university museum, and this is the fourth time.At the stamp rally, if you visit the exhibitions of each museum and collect stamps, you will win various museum goods by lottery.Some of the exhibitions are special exhibitions for the summer vacation.From August 4th to September 2015th, 8, the Kyoto Institute of Technology Museum of Arts and Crafts will hold an exhibition of comical youkai, "Yokai Paradise! -Appearing strange things-".During the exhibition period, there is also a fun project where admission is free if you come in the shape of a youkai.

 The stamp rally will be held until December 2015, 12, and the mount for stamping can be obtained at major cultural facilities in Kyoto City, and can also be downloaded from the "Kyoto-University Museum Collaboration" website.

Source:[Kyoto-University Museum Collaboration] The 4th Kyoto-University Museum Collaboration Stamp Rally 


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