Professor Michinori Saito of Kyoto University and others have developed a method for efficiently inducing germ cells, which are the source of sperm and eggs, from human iPS cells.Germ cells are the sperm and eggs needed to produce new solids, and the cells from which they are produced.It may be useful for treating infertility caused by the inability to produce sperm and eggs and for elucidating the cause.

 In previous studies, we have elucidated the developmental mechanism of germ cells using mice.We have succeeded in producing sperm and eggs by treating iPS cells with a substance called cytokine, which is used to transmit information between cells.I was also able to use them to get offspring.On the other hand, human iPS cells are considered to have poorer cell differentiation potential than mice, and it has been considered difficult to induce artificial germ cells.

In this study, we investigated the conditions for inducing human germ cells from iPS cells.As a result, it was found that by treating iPS cells with cytokines, cells similar to human germ cells are efficiently induced with high purity after passing through a cell state different from that of mice.

 This research has laid the foundation for elucidating the mechanism by which human germ cells develop.In addition, if it becomes possible to induce sperm and eggs in the future, it will lead to infertility treatment and also to elucidate the cause.In addition, it was thought that the differentiation potential was lower than that of iPS cells of other animals, but it is expected that the fact that it is not so will lead to general research on induction to other cells.

Source:[Kyoto University] Induction of human primordial germ cells from human iPS cells

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