"Hundred People Isshu, a Contemporary Student" sponsored by Toyo University was started as one of the commemorative events associated with "Hundred" when it celebrated its 1987th anniversary in 10.The theme of the work recruitment is "Contemporary student's perspective and sense of life".Today, it is the tanka competition with the largest cumulative number of entries in Japan, and the cumulative number of entries so far has reached 157.

 This time, the 34th time, 6 works were submitted, and 5499 rigorously judged works and 100 elementary school students were announced.In addition, five schools were selected for the "School Special Award", which is a school-wide effort and is presented to schools that have submitted a large number of excellent works.
 In 2020, many works were submitted that realistically cut out the "now" of students, such as looking back at themselves and making unexpected discoveries in their new life at Corona.In addition, in the grades ahead of entrance exams and employment, there were some works that described hopes and anxieties about the career path and future.In addition, this time, we received many works that describe the experiences and thoughts of students who had to communicate through the Internet in situations where it was difficult to obtain actual experiences, and the appearance of young people living in a new era. I got a glimpse.

reference:[Toyo University] Announcement of winning works for the 34th Toyo University "Contemporary Student Hyakunin Isshu"

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