At Hosei University (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo), an active learning program in English for high school students, "FGLP (Future Global Leaders Program) in Tokyo" (planned by JTB Corporate Sales Co., Ltd., program management: Japan and the United States) to interact with active Harvard students. Academic Center) will be held.The event will be held from August 2015th (Thursday) to August 8th (Saturday), 6, at the Hosei University Ichigaya Campus Fujimizaka Campus (8st basement floor cafeteria).

This project will be held for the second time following last year.The purpose is to provide opportunities for the importance and practice of "the ability to think in depth = critical thinking skills" and "the ability to express / convey one's thoughts in English = English communication skills" that Japanese young people tend to lack. It is said that.Participants will attend a variety of programs such as panel discussions, theme seminars, and communication games in English.

 Last year, Harvard University students served as lecturers, and each of them conducted a theme of interest from various fields such as social sciences, natural sciences, arts, and sports.Participants gave presentations on themes that interest them, such as FGLP seminars that incorporate two-way communication using handmade teaching materials, and suggestions for familiar problems and social issues and their solutions.In addition, Harvard University students will become panelists and hold panel discussions on "learning and university life at Harvard University," "reasons for wanting to go on to Harvard University and their preparation," and "future goals and actions for that."Participants commented, "I was very disappointed that I couldn't convey my thoughts well in English. I strongly felt that I would like to make efforts to use English more freely. (High 1 girl)" Was sent.
 This year, eight Harvard student staff, 8 high school students, and Hosei University students (students who have studied abroad, etc.) are scheduled to participate. 

Source:[Hosei University] "FGLP in Tokyo", an exchange program between active Harvard students and high school students

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